Mezanin-V SRL (LLC), is a private company, established in 2002, with the main goal of developing and providing best B2B supply chain solutions for various manufacturing sectors. Since furniture manufacturing is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors in Moldova, where the vast majority of component parts and raw materials are imported, the furniture manufacturing sector was mostly prioritized by the company’s management.

Over the time, Mezanin-V became the leading company in supplying upholstery fabrics and various raw materials for multiple industrial sectors, with over 6000 distinct items kept in stock to fulfill the needs of our customers.

In present days Mezanin-V is an important partner for biggest furniture producers in the Republic of Moldova, as much as for medium and small size producers, supplying them the best quality materials at affordable prices.

About our products and sales

Our inventory range is including, but not limited to:

We conventionally divided our inventory in 2 main categories since our sales are organized in two distinct sales departments.

Brief financial data

Year – USD/MDL exch. rate

2016 /19,9814

2017 /17,1002

2018 /17,1427

2019 /17,2093

2020 /17,2146

Annual revenue (USD)

$1,968 million

$3,094 million

$3,087 million

$3,709 million

$4,659 million

Assets value


$1,322 million

$1,813 million

$2,862 million

$3,635 million

$4,848 million

Inventory stock value (USD)

$1,072 million

$1,297 million

$1,728 million

$2,452 million

$2,941 million

Number of employees (end of year)